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Traveling With Your Zengaz Lighters & Torches

Hey there! There’s a question we get asked a lot: can I take my Zengaz lighter or torch on a plane?

Here’s what you need to know:

Can you take a jet lighter on a plane?

You can carry one lighter only on board the aircraft, which must be kept on your person throughout the flight. You will be asked to leave any additional lighters at the security point, so please make sure you only carry one on your trip.

Can you take refills or fuel for your lighter?

In short, no. Most airlines do not allow you to bring refills or extra fuel for your lighter on the airplane. Just make sure that your lighter is fully filled before taking it on your trip.

What about empty lighters?

You can take empty Lighters without limits in either carry on and checked baggage, However it is advisable to take them in checked baggage (if they are necessary). Carrying multiple empty lighters may cause delays for you in the checkpoint security, so pack your lighters wisely and make sure they don’t contain gas or fuel.

Can you pack a lighter in checked luggage?

You can pack up to two lighters in checked luggage if they are in DOT (Department of Transportation) approved cases. A DOT approved case is a durable, airtight case that prevents any fuel from leaking or sparks from igniting during travel. Stray sparks in an airplane cabin can lead to dangerous fires so the TSA is strict about how lighters are packed.

How do I carry a lighter on a plane?

The lighter must be in your carry on bag or in your pocket. Don’t use your lighter on the plane as it is a fire hazard.

Hopefully this article on bringing lighters on a plane has helped you prepare for your next trip!