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Important Notice: Keep out of reach of children and away from all open flame sources.

Igniting the Lighter
Simply push down on the ignition switch of the lighter to ignite a powerful jet flame. This flame can be nearly invisible in bright light, so proper care is required.

Extinguishing the Flame
Release pressure from the ignition switch of the lighter to immediately extinguish the flame by stopping fuel flow. If the flame continues, the flame level is set too high and should be adjusted by sliding the flame adjustment lever of the lighter towards the (-) position.

Adjusting Flame Level
To achieve the desired height, slide the flame adjustment lever of the lighter towards the (+) mark to increase the flame strength or slide the lever towards the (-) mark to decrease the flame strength.

Important Safety Measure
Take care not to touch the lighter’s metal top after ignition. To avoid heat build up, do not use in any situation that would require a continuous flame for more than 10 seconds. The lighter’s metal top may become too hot and cause harm to the user and/or the lighter.

Refilling your Zengaz Lighter
Instructions: To refill, flip your Zengaz lighter in an upside down position and insert the butane tank tip vertically downwards on the lighter’s refill valve. Press down firmly for about 5 seconds. Once refilled, allow around 2mins for gas to reach room temperature then adjust flame regulator to the desired level before use. Premium butane gas is highly recommended, as lower quality butane has been known to clog lighters.

Safety Notices:
Lighters contain flammable gas under pressure; handle carefully.
Ensure that flame is extinguished before attempting to fill and never attempt to ignite lighter while refilling.
Only refill in a well-ventilated area and hold lighter away from face and clothing while filing.
Never fill lighters around any heat source, spark or flame.

Caring for Your Lighter
Maintenance: To prevent scratches to your lighter from normal storage in a pocket or car console, we recommend you keep your lighter in a pouch (or at least away from sharp items such as keys).
Storing: Before storing your lighter, empty all fuel by pressing on the inlet valve with a small screwdriver (hold the lighter vertically while bleeding valve). If your lighter has not been used for a long period of time and appears to no longer be working, empty all fuel from the lighter then refuel and adjust the flame level (as mentioned in the re-felling instructions above). This should correct any problem.
Cleaning: Occasionally, dust or lint may clog the ignition valve, causing the lighter to malfunction. To clear obstructions such as these, blow a burst of air into the ignition valve.

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