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Soft Flame vs. Jet Flame: Which one is better for your cigars?

If you’re a cigar lover, then you are aware of the fact that the type of lighter you use makes a big difference when you ignite a cigar. So what is the difference between using a soft flame and a jet flame lighter? This is a bit subjective as many cigar lovers will have their own preferences. But when it comes to cigars, you want to make sure you’re making the best choice to maintain the integrity and smoking experience of the cigar.

Jet Flame:

Jet-type flame lighters, such as Zengaz, are dynamic, innovative, and attractive. The first benefit is that the cigar can be lit quickly and thoroughly with an ultra-hot flame, and cigar lovers don’t need to smoke while igniting it.

The second reason is jet-type flame lighters are a good choice for outdoor activities. Considering they are windproof, they make it easy to light a cigar in challenging conditions such as on the beach or on a boat, or a windy evening in the garden. Torch lighters can also remedy uneven cigar combustion by lighting only the uneven part.

If you’re a fan of cigar accessories, at Zengaz we provide high-performance jet and torch lighters including single and double flame. You can check them out here!

Soft Flame:

Soft flame lighters burn at a lower temperature which is less intense than jet flame lighters, so they are less likely to scorch the cigar. Although it takes longer to light a cigar with a gentle flame, a cooler and slower fire preserves the natural flavor of a handmade cigar’s premium leaves and allows for better control of the temperature at the bottom.

The biggest drawback of soft flame lighters is their ability to prevent the wind from blowing out a cigar when it is lit outside. Therefore, you will need more patience when using a soft flame.

Traditional lighters—which are perfectly fine and have worked for hundreds of years—just aren’t as sophisticated as torch lighters. While normal lighters come in a variety of designs, like flick, flip-top, and stick lighters, their flames aren’t air-propelled. This causes the flames to dance and flicker, while torch lighters maintain a solid, consistent flame.

So which is better?

Jet flame lighters are the first choice, even the only one that is acceptable for the ritual activity of smoking. The reason is that the fuel that butane lighters burn does not affect the smell of tobacco itself unlike the traditional lighters. But a good torch lighter will serve you well in any given situation and it will last much longer as well!